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Why should I come to a grief group when I have plenty of friends and family to help support me with my loss?

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When we first lose a loved one, our friends and family often provide love, time, attention and physical presence to help us through the intial days and weeks of mourning. However, not everyone has the kind of relationships or the proximity of close friends and family that can continue to be there for us as time passes. Friends and family, no matter how much they care, sometimes assume that we should be feeling better or differently than we do and may not understand what we are going through. Most people in the HOPE groups report that there is a different quality of support and connection that comes from being with other people who have also recently experienced a loss. They feel an identification and a depth of understanding that is meaningful, satisfying, and even joyful. Also, while any relationship can sometimes not be available for our needs, a group is a consistent and reliable place to come to process our grief.

It is vitally important to develop new friendships and a network of resources to help cope with the challanges of making a new life after a loss. In fact, being with new people brings a shift in perspective from the past into the present and future.

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By Caroline Burns