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Will this terrible pain ever go away? Will I ever feel good again?

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Yes, the terrible pain of loss does diminish eventually and you will one day feel as you did before your spouse died. Although you will never replace your partner, there is life after death.

When you are grieving deeply, it does seem impossible that you could ever feel all right again. However, the sadness, longing, guilt and depression you are experiencing is normal and natural. In fact, the more you let yourself feel and express your emotions, the stronger and healthier you will become. Grieving is different for everyone, but usually it is a longer and more intense process than we had expected. That’s one of the reasons that group support for two years and beyond is so beneficial.

Besides the loss of our mate and often, best friend, one’s identity, social status, lifestyle and even self-esteem is affected during bereavement. Our culture offers little solace or support for these profound changes. But everyone alive must learn to live and even thrive after loss because it’s part of the human condition. HOPE groups are a safe place to share, listen, and grow together as new skills, relationships, and restructured lives develop.

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By Caroline Burns