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How To Heal

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Scream and shout and flail about,

it’s all part of feeling the self doubt.

Get into bed and stay there all day,

every thing will still go on just as they say.

Try to hold on to the pain you feel so well,

as death’s door must always keep ringing its bell.

Look upon the photos, cards, and videos of long, long ago,

bury your soul in that grief’s black hole and keep it in tow.

Remember all the things we could not be,

as you ask God for more time and hope He will agree.

Cry more tears till there is none left to shed,

so you can feel the deep hurt and see all the red.

When the light goes away and the night settles in,

we all start to worry and think we can’t win.


Stop going places and getting out and about,

after all it’s all illusions and we want to pout.

After a while look down at your feet,

and see all the things that you had to beat.

The days they do pass and our fears start to fade,

we begin to start a new life ever so unafraid.

Now things are different and seem less obscure,

as your new life begins to unfold you’re not so unsure.

Offering to help others and getting out of yourself,

keeps the gremlins at bay, and makes for a positive wealth.

Do what you can as things may arise,

it helps keep us healthy, wealthy and makes us so wise.

All of a sudden this new life takes flight,

as you start to help others recover their plight.

Now find the things that you never did,

or would like to have seen or done as a kid.

List them all over and over again,

writing them down as you put them to pen.

Now, you have an outline of things you can do,

to keep out the pain and not feel so blue.

It’s the action part of healing that we all need,

to complete our transition and to be totally freed.

We still have the memories and things that were dear,

it’s just not the same as the previous year.

As we are a changing so is our world,

then we allow a new life to be unfurled.

We begin to enjoy our self-time,

with no encumbrance and never a bedtime.

As our paradigm shifts we see the real McCoy,

of all the things we now can begin to enjoy.

It takes a few years to recover from all of the weeping,

but, soon you will learn new things come creeping.

Things that we never dreamed would appear,

as we learn that our lives have nothing to fear.

So as you are slipping into a new life,

you slowly begin to feel less strife.

All you need to do is be willing to entrust,

and take the chance to learn to adjust.

You just might see it’s not really bad,

and in the end you will find yourself glad.

There will never be the one so breathtaking,

or even a person ever so earthshaking.

But, if you’re willing to meet someone new,

there is that special person that will be so true.

So get out of self and take the big plunge,

immerse yourself in life like a sponge.

Take in all that life has to tender,

but always keep in mind the past and the splendor.

It’s won’t be the same, but a new life will emerge,

all you really have to do is follow your urge.

Allow yourself to feel and be free,

I’m sure you will see how most of us agree.

Greif takes time and work that is sure,

so look at this new life and take the grand tour.

You have nothing more to lose — it’s already transpired.

There is nothing more in this life that’s required.

Just know that now you not only can thrive,

for you’re able to take life on that great drive.

Having life with the pain and the hurt was your fate,

you have learned all the things that will make you so great.

So take charge of the things you can change,

and you will find the new “I’ that remains is not very strange.

Your new life for sure will be different than before,

all you really have to do is open the door.

By Dr. Jim Rishel