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Paying It Forward

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People who grieve after the loss of a spouse often do so in isolation. Even when children and grandchildren are able to comfort a parent or grandparent in person, that comfort can sometimes be temporary at best.

Whether you live alone or not, you may find someone reaching out to you — reaching out and connecting. That connection may be the spark that renews your passion for life. That may be a passion that you feared — in the depths of grieving — that you might not recover.

During 2020, and now into 2021, grieving in isolation is an even more tragic occurrence. But the ability to connect is always a possibility. Though it may not be in person, technology allows people to connect in ways that are as necessary and valuable as they always were. If you are grieving, or if you know someone who is grieving, believe in the power of empathy and simple human connection.

The video above — “Bloom” — is a beautiful reminder of how connecting with another can help in the healing process, and how receiving a gift and paying it forward can bring out the best in our human nature.

By HOPE Connection