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Grief Support Groups Serving West Los Angeles, Encino and Agoura Hills

Carolyn Warren, MFT

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Carolyn graduated from UCLA and received her Master of Science degree in Counseling – Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University Northridge. Carolyn was licensed in 2010, and has worked as a grief therapist since licensure. Working at Roze Room Hospice of Ventura as the bereavement counselor and coordinator, Carolyn reawakened to her passion for serving those who are grieving and going through major life changes. Her training and work experience also include family counseling, trauma healing, stress reduction, and women’s empowerment.

In her Westlake Village private practice, Carolyn offers a customized eclectic approach to serve individuals challenged by upended life situations and/or mental health concerns of depression and anxiety. (805) 270-7441

By Jo Christner, Psy.D.