Life can present with challenges, obstacles or barriers that can throw you off your course. Slowing down, looking within, building coping skills and having a safe place to explore your feelings, thoughts and emotions will help guide you back on your course. As a licensed MFT and Art Therapist Channie (sha-nee) utilizes an eclectic collaborative approach to help guide an individual to externalize their pain in both verbal and non-verbal forms of expression; to connect mind, body and spirit and increase overall functioning in all areas of one’s life.”

Channie received her Masters Degree (MA) from Phillips Graduate Institute, with a major in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy. Channie specializes in grief/ bereavement counseling, trauma, adolescent counseling, transitional youth, addictions, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. As an art therapist, Channie is familiar with utilizing alternative forms of expression, such as art, movement, music, and play therapy in addition to traditional talk therapy.

Channie has private practice office in Tarzana. For additional information visit her website or call (818) 458-5891.