It has been said

we observe life as if walking backwards,

a vision of our past in clear focus

while our future remains an enigma.

Grief support groups need art


Yet, on a path through a forest glen

all of our senses are aware.

Sunlight warms our skin,

sounds and smells emanating from throughout our sphere

fill our senses.


If we but look

we see everything around us

from the smallest twigs to the distant horizon,

illuminating our understanding,

where we have been

and the path that lies ahead.


So too, when events of the past and present

seem to overwhelm,

we can embrace another sense,

our innate ability to incorporate hope into our life.


While the vision of tomorrow may not yet be clear

if we but open our hearts and minds,

plans made and actions taken today

will culminate tomorrow

in a better life and better world.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.


Michael Linsk