(818) 788-HOPE (4673)
Grief Support Groups Serving West Los Angeles, Encino and Agoura Hills


HOPE Connection
PO Box 774
Agoura Hills, CA 91376

818-788-HOPE (4673)


HOPE Connection groups are currently offered and facilitated in West Los Angeles, Encino and Agoura Hills, California.

If you are in another area of California or another state, we are sorry that at this time we do not have support groups in other places. We recognize your need to heal during this difficult time. We would suggest that you contact your your local Psychological Associations, Universities, Hospitals, Sliding Scale Clinics, Churches/Temple and/or Hospices to check for grief groups being offered. Many of your local Psychologists and or other Mental Health Professions may offer grief support and groups, as well. We wish you a healing journey through your grief.