Grief Support Groups Serving Los Angeles, West Los AngelesEncino and Calabasas

Since 1979, HOPE Connection has provided a safe place,
with the guidance of licensed therapists, for individuals to grieve,
heal and continue a redefined life after loss.

We provide:

  • Support groups facilitated by licensed therapists.
  • A unique two-year spousal grief group program arranged by months of mourning.
  • Support groups for adults who have experienced the death of a parent.
  • Support groups for parents of a child who has died by suicide.
  • A network of encouragement to participants and their families in a safe, non-judgmental environment.
  • Feedback and validation for your grief experiences.

The name HOPE Connection truly explains the purpose and intention of our work.
HOPE connects — 

To individual grievers:

  • by creating a safe place
  • by connecting the grief with hope in healing
  • by helping them to interact with others going through similar experiences and feelings
  • by learning to grow and heal in relationship to others
  • by finding the willingness, courage and strength to redefine life after loss
  • by learning to live life with renewed purpose

To the community:

  • by offering continuing public workshops, education and resources about grief and healing
  • by offering support groups to facilitate this transitional period for loved ones who are grieving

To Professionals:

  • by offering continuing education workshops and training about death, grief and healing
  • by offering opportunities to work as a HOPE Connection grief support group facilitator