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Grief Support Groups Serving West Los Angeles, Encino and Agoura Hills


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Grief Support Groups Encino

Hope Connection currently has Grief Support Groups serving Encino and the entire San Fernando Valley:

Click the link for more information about our Widow and Widower’s Support Group.

Click the link for more information about our Parent Loss Group

Both groups are dedicated to helping people who have been touched by the death of a loved one. 

HOPE Connection Blog: Invaluable Information About Grieving

Please visit Hope Connection’s blog.  We regularly add posts that touch on all aspects of the process of healing. Here are a few examples:

Sacred Circles are the essence of every Hope Group. In this video, Hope Connection’s Executive Director shares a moving testimonial from a Hope Group member.

“How Are You?” Those Three Little Words discusses how a simple question can take the breath away from someone who is grieving.

Three Ways We Change After The Death Of A Parent presents a Hope group leader in a video discussing this very special loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please see our FAQ Page for in-depth answers to questions such as:

Will this terrible pain ever go away? Will I ever feel good again?

Why should I come to a grief support group when I have plenty of friends and family to help support me with my loss?

How do we get on with living assuming we remain single?

HOPE Connect: Social & Educational Events

Hope Connection sponsors a variety of social and educational events throughout the year. We welcome both new members and alumni. These events present opportunities for you to meet, interact and connect with your HOPE community. By creating a variety of social environments, we can continue to support one another during the healing process, and beyond.

There is also another beneficial aspect to these events: You are surrounded by like-minded people, with the opportunity to create meaningful long term friendships. Please contact HOPE for more information about our grief support groups in Encino.

By Caroline Burns