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Grief Support Groups Serving West Los Angeles, Encino and Agoura Hills


Grief Support Groups Los Angeles

Current Groups

Spousal Loss Support Group
For adults who have experienced the loss of a spouse or partner

Parent Loss Support Group
For adults who have experienced the loss of a parent

New Beginnings Alumni Group

If you completed the two-year program at HOPE Connection, you are welcome to join this alumni community no matter how long ago you finished the program.

We currently have two groups being facilitated by a licensed therapist. Each group meets every other week to explore how to redefine your life after two years of grieving the death of your spouse. There is no reason to be alone when you have a community welcoming you!

Come “home”… to HOPE Connection! We’re here to see you through!

Call 818-788-HOPE (4673) or email info@hopegroups.org for more information.

Groups Being Planned

Family Loss  
Younger Spousal Loss Support Group

General Information for all groups:

One Time Orientation Fee – $50.00
$30.00 per session

Please contact us for information and to schedule an Orientation with a licensed therapist.
(818) 788- HOPE 

The HOPE Connection program helps people express their feelings in a safe, warm, accepting atmosphere, where people are taught to listen to and support each other, healing each other. We strongly feel that grief shared is grief diminished.