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Turn! Turn! Turn!

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I have been listening to versions of Turn! Turn! Turn! since Pete Seeger took the much quoted biblical passage from Ecclesiastes and made it into a song in the 1950s. In 1965 it became an international hit as recorded by the Byrds.

As a young woman, I felt the power of the song lyrics as I examined my life and looked toward the possibilities with so many years to come.

I often listen to oldies music and that song keeps appearing. The lyrics continue to haunt me long after the music fades. Now, it touches something deep within as I think about this time of life as a widow with so many decades behind me. 

I question how I am living and if I am connected to a purpose that serves both my own needs and my place in the universe.

I decided to just write down whatever came to me in reaction to the biblical lyrics.

Perhaps you will relate to some of the contradictions, confusions and possibilities in contemplating what this season of life is for you as well as future possibilities.

Click here to read the lyrics to Turn! Turn! Turn!

Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Purpose)

Death came and changed all that was.

Colors faded along with familiar patterns of living.

Purpose shifted or flowed into non-existence.

It was, is — a time to mourn, question, rage, dwell in emotional overload.

A time of longing for what is gone forever.

A time to question what comes next.

To wonder what could be.

New adventures?

New tastes, sounds, sights?

New purpose — or not?

Time to cast off habits that restrict and close doors to life.

Time to face the dawn of day as a newborn innocent.

To flirt with change while

accepting stumbling attempts to move forward.

Time to cherish awkwardness, frozenness, helplessness.

A time for all possibilities including not knowing what to do, be, think — lost in mindless chaos.

A time to cast away judgment of flawed progress.

Time to accept the trembling self who is struggling to crawl, walk and even dare to dance.

Turn Turn Turn — new seasons and purpose await awakening.

A time to say yes to the self of today, just as is — a “come as you are” journey toward tomorrow.

New days, months, seasons are ahead.

Dark days may give way to light and even delight.

Time to embrace the only moment we can touch — the sacred now.

As passion for living rises with each turn, turn, turn.

Photo by Brianmcmillen

By Lynne Goldklang - Widow, Therapist, HOPE Member