Years of companionship, adventure, striving for understanding

two souls grew together.

The initial natural attraction

maturing over the years into deep and lasting love

creating a shared identity.


We imagined we were in the indian summer of our years.

Dreams of an undefined future


hand in hand

abruptly ended when one was taken too soon.


That loss brings tears.

Born of feelings too deep

for language to express.


But there is another, equally painful loss:

the identity shared as a couple.

Replaced by a new reality,

grappling to reinvent day to day living.

A solo act

where once there was sharing and collaboration.


This second loss does not evoke healing tears.

Only frustration and longing for companionship

as lifes experiences and challenges arise

to be faced alone.


Life is not a single play

uninterrupted by twists of fate.

The loss of my life partner

brought down a final curtain.

A new play must be written.


Just as our life as a couple

evolved over months and years

my new identity

must evolve at its own, measured pace.


My first task

finding closure and understanding,

celebrating our past,

integrating it into who I will be

as I begin to rebuild my life

on the foundation we built together.

© Copyright 2015, M. Linsk, with love