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Parent Loss Group FAQs

by Sue Rowen, M.A., MFT

Q: How is it possible to replace the unconditional love of my parent? A: It is not replaceable. There are no other relationships that provide us that kind of unconditional love, or the boundless love of a parent. However, after a parent … Continue reading

How To Heal

by Dr. Jim Rishel

Scream and shout and flail about, it’s all part of feeling the self doubt. Get into bed and stay there all day, every thing will still go on just as they say. Try to hold on to the pain you feel … Continue reading

The Blindfold

by Michael Linsk

The children tied a blindfold around his head. He was spun around and around, his sense of direction befuddled. He didn’t know which way to turn. Come and play, they call to him. But how? The blindfold obscures all, forcing … Continue reading

The Path Ahead

by Michael Linsk

It has been said we observe life as if walking backwards, a vision of our past in clear focus while our future remains an enigma.   Yet, on a path through a forest glen all of our senses are aware. Sunlight … Continue reading