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President’s Letter

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Ana, my wife of 41 years, passed away suddenly in late 2001. I was devastated and lost.

I knew that I needed to find support to get through the grieving process. I found HOPE and began attending the groups. Group members became an important part of my healing. I developed many friendships that now continue 10 years later.

The miracle of HOPE is to watch individuals come into the group with uncontrollable grief and sorrow and watch the process of healing unfold.

I wanted to find a way to give back, so I joined the HOPE Board and was recently elected President. It is no coincidence that Dr. Jo Christner was named the new Executive Director. Jo was my therapist when I joined the groups in 2002. I admired her dedication to the grieving community and to HOPE  I am now amazed at her determination to keep HOPE alive and thriving.

I urge all of you who have benefited from the love and care that HOPE has given you to “pay it forward.” Please support us in any way you feel comfortable: Refer those who are grieving, join a committee, recommend a potential donor, suggest an influential Board prospect or simply attend and support our fund-raising activities. Thank you for being there.


Jack Brown, President

By Jack Brown