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Put The Kids In Motion

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When our kids were growing up, they played in little league. Whatever my son did, my daughter also wanted to do. When they were playing, I would often help out with coaching. I wasn’t the main coach but was a base coach most of the time. The important thing to remember about being a base coach is that you need to put the kids in motion. That means getting them running the bases. When you put the kids in motion, good things will happen. Get them going from first to second, second to third, third to home and scoring runs. Keep them moving and let the other team make a play, that’s how you score. Good things happen!

I’ve adopted that philosophy for myself. If I’m in motion, good things will happen. That means trying new things, going outside of my comfort zone, doing things by myself that I otherwise might not do, traveling, and taking responsibility for keeping myself busy, basically keeping myself in motion. All of the things I try may not work out but the good things will stick when I find them. It’s a process of reinventing myself and developing a new routine. It won’t happen quickly but if I follow this approach I put myself on a path to finding the new normal, the new routine that will work for me. I don’t know know what that is yet, but if I put myself in motion I believe good things will happen

By Group Member Steve