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Two Ways To Help HOPE Connection Today

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Do you know someone who is grieving a loved one? You can help that person by introducing them to HOPE Connection. Let them know there is a community ready to support them, a community led by trained therapists and whose members know exactly what they are going through because they have been there.

A second way to help is by donating to help HOPE maintain its programs, and expand to help even more people who are healing following the death of a spouse or parent.

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For more information on the community that is at the heart of HOPE Connection, please read the letter below from Dr. Jo Christner, HOPE Connection Executive Director.

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It gets dark sometimes, but morning comes. Keep hope alive.” – Jesse Jackson

“Winter nights are notoriously long, and if you are an individual grieving a loved one, or a therapist helping clients navigate loss, they can seem longer than ever, especially as the holidays approach, with their emphasis on family and community.

“Fortunately, community is the light at the heart of HOPE Connection. We have built communities of compassion and support around Spousal and Parental Loss in communities across Los Angeles and Ventura counties. They are led by trained therapists and filled with members who can say, “Me, too. I have been there.”

“Now, we are thrilled to light hope in a new community, by launching Spousal Loss and Parental Loss groups at Valley Outreach Synagogue in Calabasas. And they are so excited to welcome us!

“And, of course, we continue to offer the New Beginnings Alumni Group, for those who have completed the two-year bereavement program and are exploring life as a newly “single” person, and a Mentoring Program, for those alumni who wish to make new members feel welcome.

“Light is so central to our year-end celebrations: Hanukah lights, Christmas lights, candles for Kwanzaa, and the warmth of fireplaces, even in the traditionally warm climate of Southern California. It is so heart-warming to recognize that each member of HOPE Connection, even those in the throes of new sorrow, is actually a bringer of light to someone else, just by saying those two tender words, ‘Me, too.’ And when we gather together, we keep hope alive.

“Of course, we can’t do it alone. It is your support that gives us the strength and the backbone to build a better community. Your referrals help hurting hearts find us, and your contributions help us to help them walk a healthy journey through loss.

“Please take this opportunity to become a HOPE angel by sending a contribution today. We have enclosed a donation envelope, or you can conveniently donate online here.

“Hope is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Gratitude is another. Thank you so much for helping us bring hope to more hearts on the journey from grief to life.”

Jo Christner, Psy. D.

Executive Director

By Jo Christner, Psy.D.