The children tied a blindfold

around his head.

He was spun around and around,

his sense of direction befuddled.

He didn’t know which way to turn.

Come and play, they call to him.

But how?

The blindfold obscures all,

forcing him to encounter a world infused with uncertainty.

So too for me, the loss of my spouse

spun my world around

leaving me without a sense of direction.

My grasp on the myriad threads

that bound me to everything

that was safe and comfortable

was gone,

leaving me drifting and alone,

in a world defined by being one instead of two.

Now everything within me

yearns to return and experience again the elevated reality

of companionship and belonging.

Will someone come along and remove the blindfold,

bringing light and warmth into my life,

showing me a path back to an identity

that includes that rarest of relationships

to which we all aspire?

At first, I couldn’t believe it would ever be possible.

But time passes and understanding grows.

I know now that the glow emanating from the past will stay with me always;

while leaving room for new feelings of caring and belonging.

A new future awaits,

full of new possibilities.


© Copyright 2016, M. Linsk