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The Way Of Gratitude

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If you’re mourning the loss of your spouse or another loved one, you may have already discovered the extraordinary way in which a moment of gratitude seems to temporarily ease your pain. This is not merely your imagination. The latest scientific research — along with your intuitive sense of things — draws a strong correlation between gratitude and healing.

At the same time, it’s important to admit what gratitude is not: it is not minimizing or denying the immense suffering you experience as you grieve. Gratitude is not denial but rather a deeply moving way of affirming life in the face of loss.

You may recognize these observations as a typically rational way of thinking about grief. But is there a deeper, more profound and non-rational way of experiencing the healing power of gratitude? We believe there is, and in the video here we invite you to bathe yourself in Brother David Steindl-Rast’s inspiring and beautiful images as he captures the spirit of gratitude.    

By HOPE Connection