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Where Is My Muse?

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“How am I doing?” people ask.

Fine, I say

“I’m staying busy”

Doing many of the same things I’ve always done

Everything is the same… only different

My calendar chronicles

days filled with the stuff of life

But “busy” isn’t what life is supposed to be about

Life has always been busy

but when we were a couple

it seemed to have a greater purpose

that I can’t seem to find in this new existence

Because I’ve lost my muse

More than my lover and best friend

she was a force of gravity

creating the orbits within family and friends

that still survive

She gave me a sense of value and approval

bringing style and an aspirational purpose

to the time we were together

So I am searching now

for meaning and purpose

amid the clutter of my calendar

But It doesn’t come easily

Because I’ve lost my muse

Copyright M. Linsk 2015, with love

By M. Linsk