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HOPE In The News

To read Jared Sichel’s article, “Can grieving together help cope with loss? There’s HOPE,” click here.  At HOPE Connection, we know from long experience that there is a special power within a group of people who have come together to share experiences and feelings in a safe place with others who are experiencing many of the same emotions. Recently, a reporter for…

FAQs About HOPE Groups

Q: What makes the HOPE spousal loss groups different than other grief groups?

A: There are several things that make our spousal loss groups different and effective in helping individuals through their grief.

1. All of our groups are facilitated by licensed therapists who are trained and skilled in grief and group process. 

2. The HOPE Connection groups are the oldest bereavement groups in Los Angeles. The main spousal loss groups are arranged by months of grieving. We can have as many as six groups being run on the same evening. Group 1 will include people who are only at one-four months since their loss.  At five months, that individual will move to Group 2 and be with people who are at five-eight months since their loss. As you go through our groups, you also walk through two years of your grief. These are open groups — individuals are welcome to join at any time.

HOPE Group Members Speak: Judy

Grief Support Group Los Angeles    The mission of HOPE Connection is to help people whose lives have been touched by the death of a loved one – by providing individual and group support, educational programs and information that helps
 alleviate the pain of grief and promote healing. In this series of videos, Group Members share what HOPE Connection has meant to them.