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The Energy of Things

by Marianne Simon

Marianne Simon was born to a family of artists and has spent her life working with the performing and creative arts. Two years ago, she created a new business endeavor, “Speak Your Passion,” which supports women in their quest to … Continue reading

The Healing Power of Books

by Maryann Ridini Spencer

Maryann Ridini Spencer is the author of Lady in the Window, a new novel Capturing Aloha Magic, Hope, Healing & the Infinite Mother-Daughter Bond. Please visit her website at In October, 2014 I learned the devastating news that my mother … Continue reading

How To Heal

by Dr. Jim Rishel

Scream and shout and flail about, it’s all part of feeling the self doubt. Get into bed and stay there all day, every thing will still go on just as they say. Try to hold on to the pain you feel … Continue reading