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Posts from March 2019

Enough Is Enough! Not Another Loss!

When a person experiences multiple deaths of loved ones within a short period of time, the pain can feel like too much to bear. Not only are you grieving for one loss, now there are two… for some, maybe more. As a result of multiple losses, your usual support system may be depleting. The people in your life may not understand the depth of your grief or be able to tolerate the intensity of it. You may feel a lack of connection with others, which may increase yours sense of isolation or loneliness.

Eve: Q&A with Dr. Jo Christner

Last month, members of the HOPE community were invited to a screening of the short film, Eve, followed by a discussion with filmmaker Susan Bay Nimoy and HOPE Connection’s Executive Director, Dr. Jo Christner. The film was especially relevant to the HOPE community because the filmmaker found inspiration to create the film following the death of her husband, renowned actor Leonard Nimoy.

The Uninvited Guest

A guest came to visit


without so much as a knock at the door.


Grief arrived…

bathed in the empty stillness left by an aching absence,

my new companion rests comfortably among reminders of earlier times.

Allowing me freedom to go about creating a new life

but still present when time slows

and the roaring silence fails to fill the gaping void.