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Becoming Home: The Movie

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Losing a parent is a loss like no other. The loss of a parent and how it impacts our lives can be compared to skipping a stone over water: there are ripples, many of them, and each ripple impacts our lives in a very profound and often discounted way.

When we lose a parent we are faced with our own mortality for now there is no cushion between death and our selves.

When we lose a parent we have lost an irreplaceable relationship and with it, unconditional love.

In many ways we will remain children until our parents leave this world and then we must reinvent ourselves as full-fledged adults.

“Becoming Home” is a film about one man’s way of sorting out the feelings that besiege us when we are grieving the loss of a parent. It is a tender acknowledgement of our wish to know our parent so we can preserve their memory and their essence in a way that makes it possible to pass that memory on from one generation to another.

If you’d like to see what the movie is all about, here’s  a preview.

Or you can go to the website for more information and to watch the film with a free live stream.

Also, if you are grieving the loss of a parent, please see HOPE’s Parent Loss Support Group page

By Sue Rowen, M.A., MFT