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Grieving Through The Holidays

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By Fern Lippert, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Holidays are normally a time of rejoicing, sharing meals with loved ones, and carrying out the family traditions. Unfortunately, this year for many that has changed. A loved one is no longer there and now holidays can be a time of tremendous sadness. It reminds us of what we no longer have.

We often wonder, “How will I ever get through this?” Yes, the first time you do something that does not include your loved one it is difficult. Allow yourself to feel sad but also allow yourself to make changes. Accept invitations, start new traditions, and allow your loved ones to be there for you.

The first year is the hardest because each holiday will be different than the previous year. For those of the Jewish faith, we are now approaching Rosh Hashanah. Going to Temple and perhaps talking to the Rabbi can help you spiritually and emotionally. Whatever your preference, know there is no right or wrong way.

We wish all of you, regardless of your beliefs, a good and healing year.

By Fern Lippert, M.A., MFT