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Just Another Day

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The morning comes and you look for a reason to get out of bed. 
You want to linger for hours but force yourself to rise and take a mini step to join the day.
That is courage.

The toothbrush you hold feels like a heavy hammer but you manage to brush your teeth, wash your face, fix your hair.
That is determination.

You feel contempt for your fragile being as you consume fistfuls of sugary treats, shunning breakfast.
That is your vulnerability.

You wash yesterday’s dishes — a task completed. 
You didn’t think you could complete anything at all.
That is perseverance.

You turn on the news and it’s all bad.
You watch just long enough to be minimally informed.
That is resignation.

You play heart-wrenching ballads while tears soak your face.
That is homage to your deepest feelings.

You reach out to a friend who is struggling to hang on during personal tragedy.
That is loving-kindness.

You water the roses and hope they will thrive.
That is your tiny sprout of optimism.

You feel loneliness take over like a massive wave sweeping you forward.
You hang on until you reach the shore, surprised at your survival.
That is endurance.

You attempt to meditate. Your mind is spinning as you long for tranquility. 
You don’t give up.
That is soul streaming.

You think about illness, death and sorrow. 
The pain of your inner world takes your breath away but you keep on inhaling and exhaling over and over again.
That is resilience.

You remember you are cherished by family and friends.
You absorb the blessings in your life.
That is gratitude.

You go outside at night to stare at the sky. 
You join with the moon and stars as your worries shrink.
You send healing thoughts out into the world.
It is your way of prayer.
That is called grace.

You made it — all 24 hours done.  Just another day.

By Lynne Goldklang, LMFT