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The New Reality

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By Suzanne Weiss Morgen

Ms. Morgen is a Los Angles-area poet who began writing a collection of poems as a personal journey of grieving following the death of her parents. “The New Reality” is excerpted from that collection — The Arc of Grieving: Poems for the Journey.

An angry sea

The New Reality

Shocked and sad

Rocked to the depths by your death

Clinging to faith when fairness and reason feel lost

I am accosted by a new reality and forced into acceptance

Thrashing about, my mind wanders in a vast desert of burning sand

Stranded and unable to discern any direction

Then suddenly my thoughts shift

I am desperately attempting to escape a raging storm

An angry sea determined to swallow me whole

My soul cries out to you, my love

Can you hear it when I sing your praises?

I call out

But I can no longer fall into your warm embrace when despair contorts my face

Sobs rob me of even my ability to speak

My soul scarred

I regard myself as an injured survivor

You were the source of so much of my inspiration

Somehow able to make the trials and troubles of life seem bearable

Even fixable

We could work it out

No matter what it was about

I must now navigate without you to lean on

Strengthen my own backbone

Dare myself to exist in this new world

This new reality deep within me

Your life lessons are stored

You were adored

And now I will devote myself to carrying your legacy forward

Accomplishing all I can

Comforted by your abundant and sheltering love

By Suzanne Weiss Morgen