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Healing Grief… Moment By Moment: A HOPE Connection Podcast – Is It Heaven Or Is It Hell?

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“Healing Grief… Moment by Moment” is a podcast created and produced by HOPE Connection. In each short episode Dr. Jo Christner or another HOPE Connection therapist offers a meditative exploration of a different aspect of grief and the healing process. As you listen, we wish you love, light and comfort.

This episode: “Is It Heaven Or Is It Hell?” (August 2021) – Dr. Jo Christner

This is a moment of healing.

Often people ask, what’s it like to be in a HOPE Connection grief support group? 

I believe that the following story by Irving Yalom, a renowned existential psychiatrist and author, says it so well.

A rabbi had a conversation with the Lord about Heaven and Hell. “I will show you Hell,” said the Lord, and he led the rabbi into a room containing a large round table. The people sitting around the table were famished and desperate. In the middle of the table was an enormous pot of stew that smelled so delicious that the rabbi’s mouth watered. Each person around the table held a spoon with a very long handle. Although the long spoons just reached the pot, their handles were longer than the would-be diners’ arms: thus, unable to bring food to their lips, no one could eat. The rabbi saw that their suffering was terrible indeed.

“Now I will show you Heaven,” said the Lord, and they went into another room, exactly the same as the first. There was the same large round table, the same pot of stew. The people were equipped with the same long-handled spoons — but here everyone was well nourished and plump, laughing and talking. The rabbi could not understand. “It is simple, but it requires a certain skill,” said the Lord. “In this room, you see, they have learned to feed each other.”

Being in a HOPE Connection support group, we feed each other… and we heal together.

It’s a beautiful and sacred experience.

 Wishing you much Love and Light in healing your heart… moment by moment.

By Jo Christner, Psy.D.