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Here Comes 2018! Happy New Year… Or Is It?

The holidays can be painful reminders of a life that “was,” but New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with parades, football games and gatherings are triggers that make you realize how different your life really is now.

Our hopes center around the idea that this is a “new year.” In the “celebrating” of the New Year, our intentions are courageous. We hope that we will heal and feel that our lives are settling into a “new norm.” Our reality is often so different.

Meditation & Healing

Meditation is a valuable practice that can help people in the process of grieving for a loved one. If you’re not familiar with meditation, “How To Meditate FAQ” by Tara Brach is an introductory guide that will help you become familiar with the principles of meditation. Tara’s teachings blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to our inner life, and a…

How To Reconnect After Losing A Loved One

After a loved one dies, people often have an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. They feel lost, and the process of despairing and searching begins. Not only has our loved one died, we’ve lost our sense of connection. “S/He was my life.” It’s difficult to describe the depth of this kind of loneliness, feeling as though no one could possibly understand or fathom…

Regaining Your Balance As You Grieve

How the fundamental concepts behind acupuncture can help you heal Vivian Sobel, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist who uses traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques including acupuncture, herbs, nutrition and micro current.  Micro current is a painless needle free modality that quickly reduces inflammation and helps heal musculoskeletal pain and injury. She can be contacted through VivianSobel.com. If you’re grieving, regaining your balance may help you…

Find Peace and Healing with QiGong

Diane Dalbey, PhD. is a BodyMind Therapist, specializing in pain and trauma. She studied medical QiGong in Los Angeles and at the International Medical QiGong Institute in Beijing. She teaches QiGong and often uses Medical QiGong in her private practice, as a partner to many other therapies. You can visit her website at DrDianeDalbey.com. Diane is also an advocate of healing through…

How Do You Know If You’re Healing?

When you’re grieving, it may feel like you’re in a long gray tunnel that you’ll never get through. It’s depressing, lonely, exhausting and feels endless.

It’s difficult to see the light. It can be frightening to think that you’ll never get through… that your life will remain in the gray.

If you allow yourself to grieve, you will heal. Life, as you knew it, will be changed forever but you will get through. You will have a newly defined life, one that you never asked for, one that you never imagined. This new life can again bring happiness, joy and peace. 

How do you know if you’re healing? 

Answers To Questions About Grief

I am alone and lonely with no one to turn to. Often I am afraid when thinking of my uncertain future… getting old and sick in a hospital or nursing home with no one to hold my hand and comfort me. Could you give me some feedback on this concern. When you get stuck in your fears about the future, you probably…

What Not To Say To The Bereaved

Though it has been discussed many times publicly and privately, it bears repeating from time to time just so that people don’t forget. There are some thoughtless and inappropriate comments that people say to the bereaved because they:

A) Don’t know what to say

B) Don’t think about what they’re saying

C) Are uncomfortable with their own vulnerability

D) Just don’t understand. It is just not part of any experience they have ever had; therefore, they are unable to relate.

When the person closest to you dies, it is not only