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Grief Is A Journey

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What is grief?  Grief is a journey. It is painful. It is difficult and challenging.  It feels never-ending.

It does have a natural rhythm that will occur and you will heal. Be gentle with yourself and trust your natural, innate process.

What are resources? Your resources are all of the things that help you through the journey of grief:

  • Work
  • A grief group
  • Gardening
  • Children/grandchildren
  • Pets
  • Projects
  • Friends
  • Exercise
  • Your church or temple
  • Meditating
  • Being in nature & more

Be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to move outside of your grief. It will wait for you.

When you allow yourself to go back and forth between your grief and your resources, healing occurs. When you allow your grief to be fluid, there is a natural healing that will occur. 

If you stay stuck in your grieving, you become consumed with grief.

If you stay distracted by your resources , you avoid your grieving.

Be fluid in your grief and trust in your natural process.

Love will remain… infinitely.

By Jo Christner, Psy.D.